Continuing Education


In addition to obtaining their designations, top insurance brokers regularly participate in continuing education (CE) out of a thirst for knowledge, not just to obtain CE credits.

Gaining extra knowledge increases your professionalism. It helps you get up-to-date on industry information, properly service and educate clients, develop critical thinking and effective decision-making skills, shape your professional ethics, and avoid E&O problems.

The need for continuing education is huge! If you ignore it, you'll give way to competitors who think and act differently.

The IBABC Advantage

You can count on IBABC to meet all of your CE needs because all of our programs are...

Flexible - IBABC's CE programs are offered year-round - in the classroom and online;

High-quality - IBABC continually raises the bar on the quality of our CE offerings. We constantly evaluate our programs and make adjustments to ensure best content and delivery;  

Relevant - Take a seminar one day; apply your newly acquired knowledge the next. Our CE programs discuss the insurance products, risks, and issues you'll encounter every day. We work with many excellent instructors and course authors, most of whom are senior brokers, lawyers, and insurer representatives who right up-to-date on their knowledge. Each year about half of our seminars and webinars are new, and we continually add new topics to our online CE programs;

Innovative - IBABC is an innovator in the way licensing and CE programs are delivered. We were the first insurance broker education provider in Canada to deliver online seminars in a multimedia format, to offer webinars, and to grant CE credits through some of our industry-magazine articles -- our HyperArticlesTM program;

Trackable - IBABC provides personalized completion certificates for each accredited CE event. Licensees at member offices can order credit transcripts any time, free of charge;

Reliable - IBABC's education department is managed by brokers for brokers. And, since 1918, the association has been committed to industry professionals to help them meet the needs of the insurance buying public. We're here for the long term;

Affordable - IBABC's CE courses are exceptional value, and IBABC members save even more money. Go to the Education Savings Calculator to see just how much.

Do you have questions about IBABC Continuing Education? See FAQ - CE Seminars or contact Ileana Toledo at