Canadian Professional Insurance Broker

In the 1980s we brought you the CAIB program. Since then, thousands of Canadian brokers apply the knowledge acquired from this program to their jobs on a daily basis. Building on that program, we now proudly introduce the Canadian Professional Insurance Broker (CPIB).

If you have achieved professional recognition as an insurance broker and are now you seeking a higher level of professional education beyond your CAIB designation, the opportunity to expand your horizon is now here.

A New Challenge

The Canadian Professional Insurance Broker (CPIB) is the new senior designation program developed by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) and its provincial Member Associations, including the IBABC. It is specifically designed for property and casualty insurance brokers like you. The CPIB program has three distinct streams: Personal Lines, Commercial Lines and Broker Management.

CPIB is your new challenge for professional excellence, positioned at a university level of study. Admission prerequisites are either CAIB or AIIC/CIP designations.

Click here for an overview of the chapter objectives for the Law & Ethics, Claims Management, Advanced Personal Lines and Advanced Commercial Lines courses.

Taking the CPIB Program

To earn the CPIB designation, students must complete the three mandatory courses and any three of the elective courses in the stream of their choice. The program's courses may also be taken individually for general interest or for Continuing Education credits. Graduates' use of the CPIB designation, as with all IBAC designations, will be restricted to licensed insurance brokers who are members or associate members of their provincial brokers' association. Non-members are welcome to take the CPIB program. Upon graduation, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Elective courses can be taken through a university or college of the student's choosing. Students then apply for a transfer credit for an elective course successfully completed. Similarly, students may apply to IBABC for a transfer credit for an elective course taken at a recognized university or community college prior to enrolling in the CPIB program.

At most universities, CPIB students can apply their electives towards an undergraduate degree while completing the program. Please consult your university to determine its requirements.

Continuing Education Credits

Technical Credits are allotted as follows:

Mark Credits Allotted





CPIB Pricing

Learning Option Non-Member Pricing
(each course)
Member Pricing 
(each course)

Self Study (Text and Exam)



Exam Only



Exam Re-write



Exam Deferral



Elective Transfer Fee



Costs includes GST

For an outline of the CPIB brochure, program information or registration form please open the following files:

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view registration forms in PDF file format. Click here for a free download.

Information and Registration

Have questions or comments about CPIB? Contact Susan Coles at (604) 606-8004 or click here.

Please note, textbooks that have been opened and are no longer in their original packaging cannot be returned to IBABC.