Operations & Administration

The staff at the Insurance Brokers Association of B.C. is committed to providing prompt, courteous service in handling your requests and queries.


Chuck Byrne
Executive Director & COO 604-606-8001 cbyrne@ibabc.org
Jennifer Lipke
Member & Events Coordinator 604-606-8002 jlipke@ibabc.org
Sarah Polson
Communications Director 604-606-8008 spolson@ibabc.org
Herkamal Brar, MAPC, BA
Communications Coordinator
604-606-8011 hbrar@ibabc.org
Jane Xu, CGA
Accountant 604-606-8003 jxu@ibabc.org
Trudy Lancelyn, ABC
Project Editor tlancelyn@ibabc.org
Reception 604-606-8000 mturchina@ibabc.org


Jenny Ryu
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
604-606-8007 jryu@ibabc.org
Ileana Toledo Figueroa
Continuing Education Assistant
604-606-8012 itoledo@ibabc.org
Susan Coles
Licensing Course Coordinator
604-606-8004 scoles@ibabc.org
Marina Turchina
Licensing Course Assistant
604-606-8005 mturchina@ibabc.org